Monday, January 08, 2007

They say it's his birthday!

Matt is 15 today. How did that happen so fast? It is so hard to believe that the baby who almost fit entirely in my hand (he was three weeks early and weighed 5lbs4oz) is now taller than me. He is so excited... he gets to get his learner's permit in a few months, he wants to go apply for a part time job, and he is getting pretty built with the weights routine he is doing. Where did my little boy go?? Happy birthday, Matt... love ya to pieces!

I love pictures like this... unstaged that just catch sweet moments. Jack looked out the window and saw Chet and Kyle playing in the new hole and just talking. They loved how big it was. (Jack and Matt got rid of the last two tree stumps in the front yard yesterday, bringing us one step closer to having our parking area complete.)

We had Kyle's birthday party Saturday night. He really did have fun... LOL... I know you can't tell by the photo though! Jack and I teamed up against Ed and Portia in Scrabble, which was fun! I haven't played Scrabble in years!

I haven't done much this week that requires using my hands. My right hand is really swollen from some of the equipment I use at work, so I haven't been online much or gotten much scrapping done. I did finish this page during an online digi crop last night. The credits are listed in my gallery at Scrap Village.


Kara said...

awww!! jen girl!! :( hugs to you!!

how are you doing other wise?? matt looks SO mature in his pic!! shhh...don't tell him that though, i know how teens are!

hope that all is well in AR. i called you the other night, but couldn't get through.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (again), Matt! Hugs and love to you. I hope you enjoy your birthday present ... remember that there is another box coming, but I still have to get it in the mail. And I took part out of the first box so I could get the rest of the pieces you need and then forgot to put it back in so I'll send that in the second back, too.

I love and miss you ... I'll call you on Saturday to see how your party went!

Hugs ...

Gramma Pam

Anonymous said...

Happy B-pDay, Matt! I hope you liked your present. It took some time to decide whether to give you art training manuals based on Marvel or DC comics, but it came down to DC with all the great artists to learn from like Jack Kirby. I have no doubt you are gonna be a great comic artists someday. You have made a cool start.

I love you and miss you and your brothers and sisters big time. See you soon.

BTW, Dave Skouson said to say hi! I spoke with him yesterday after practice and said he loved the video message.

Grandpa Bob