Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baa Baa Sheep Cows

I do get a kick out of our hamburger neighbors. Beyond their normal mooing and grazing escapades, sometimes they do something new that gets my attention. They are becoming more accepting of my camera. Here are three of them looking at me. I think it is the bright red hair that has them so mesmerized.

This cow is the real topic of this story, though. I have seen her sometimes, but never when I have my camera available. Until I saw her nibbling on my weeds, I never knew there were cows with curly heads. She is always standing off from the herd, which has led me to wonder if she is a loner because of her curls. It looks like her mom fell madly in love with a sheep, and their two worlds combined, but mountain cows probably aren't as politically correct as city cows, and she was shunned.
I admit that I really know very little (well, nothing really) about the genetic make-up of cows. I know they come in chocolate, buttermilk, and cinnamon colors. I know they taste good broiled. I know they like to eat the grass in my garden. But I don't know if curly-haired sheep-cows are an anomoly, and up until yesterday, she was the only one I have ever seen.
But as I was taking her picture, this curly-headed cow came over. I was astounded in many ways. Cows don't generally ask to have their pictures taken this way. Apparently, she needed to be noticed. As hard as it is to be an albino curly-headed sheep-cow....
it must really be hard to be the blacksheep-cow of the family.


Johanna said...

Okay girl...those are Charolais (sp?). I love them because of their curls. Aren't they cute???

Anonymous said...

I think the sheep got some lovin with the cows LOL

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