Sunday, November 02, 2008

Spooky cuteness

We had a busy halloween night full of colorful characters!

There was a ferocious puddytat....
an All-Star baseball player (he decided this was going to be his costume)...
an adorable ladybug.....
a Bony Maroney (he picked the name for himself)...
and a master magician who couldn't find a hat.
Aren't they cute?
We started out at the church where we were having a party for the kids in the area and a chili dinner. The kids played the games and built an impressive candy pile. Chet's friend Tyler came by, and then Chet went with Tyler and his mom to go trick-or-treating.

Jessica and Tony brought Daniel to the party, and he didn't have a costume. I gave him a pirate wig we had there, and we had fun with his dreadlocks for a while.
While the kids played Daniel and I spent some time laughing and playing together. Then he got down on the ground to play and show off his soldier-crawl skills.
He and his Uncle All-Star and Uncle Bony Maroney all spent some tummy-time together.
"Hey Uncle Bony Maroney... give me your candy...
or I will steal your nose!"
The party ended at 7, and after cleaning up and putting the church back together we headed over to the highschool.

Matt and the rest of the team had dressed up as football players for the evening. They were busy winning their place in the state playoffs in the final homegame of the regular season.

Daniel and his Aunt Ladybug played "Peak-a-Boo and Giggle Too" for a little while.

Then Kyle let me know that he and his friends thought burying Todd in the sand seemed like a fun idea. Boys.
Matt and some of the other JV players were called in to play at the end of the game. They stomped the competition, just like they have done all season. One more win, and they will be the number 1 seed in the playoffs. Woohoo! Go Red!
The game was over, and Bony Maroney danced a little funky jig in celebration. Then I rounded up my goblins and we finally headed home, where everyone came crashing down from their sugar high. I still haven't recovered, which is why you are getting pictures straight out of my camera and unedited today.

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