Friday, November 21, 2008

Eleven! Already?

Happy birthday, dear Faith! Happy birthday, dear Faith! Happy birthdaaaaaayyyyy...darling, dramatic, smart, beautiful daughhhhhhh-------terrrrr... Happy birthday to you!! We luv ya!!!

Faith got home from school today and we sang to her, ate cupcakes, and gave her her gifts. Faith wants to thank Papa and Leigh for the card and money, which arrived here right before she did, and she wants to thank Miss Nina for the jigsaw puzzles, and she would like to thank Hollywood for releasing the Twilight movie today. That was a really nice thing to do for her birthday! (I wanted to take her to the Third Day concert instead, but us all not feeling well made sitting in a theater vs standing at a concert a better idea.)

When the little party was over, Chet and Faith and I bundled up and headed to Harrison to catch the 5:25 viewing. I was right in guessing there might be seats available before everyone was off work. We got there at 5:20, there were about ten seats left, and the next two showings were already sold out.

We all enjoyed the movie. It is rare that I like a movie better than the book, but this is one of those rare moments. While I found the written humor in book form to be corny, it was brought out well in the movie and we all laughed a lot. There are details lost in the movie, of course, but in some ways it is a good thing simply because I don't like the underlying theme of the books. (A young girl who has never experienced any kind of adult life giving up her entire human future for her boyfriend.... uggghhhhh.....I just don't find it romantic at all.) It has been a good opportunity to have some really good conversations with both Chet and Faith as we have read the books, though, and they both really liked the movie. I had a great night with them....

and Faith said it was "the best birthday ever." Not bad for a birthday night out where all three of us were not feeling up to speed at all! Happy Birthday, Faithers! Feel better soon. To make up for missing Third Day, we are going to go see Casting Crowns and Natalie Grant in a couple of weeks. Woohoo!


Butterfly Dreamer said...

Hope that she had a great time, Tuesday you'll have to fill me in on the movie. Got a kick outta the freckled butt cow also. Only you Jenn, could post something like that and it be really funny!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the Birthday wish! Happy Birthday Faith! I thought baout going to see Cast Crowns, but I would rather hear their regular stuff, not Christmas music. I love Natalie Grant too. I saw Barlow Girl @ Remingtons where Third Day was gunna be a few weeks ago, it was AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Faith,

Happy Birthday (again!) from Gramma Pam ... I love you. I am counting the hours until I'll be there to give you a big hug in person. :-)

Katherine B. said...

Happy Birthday Faith! Sounds like it was a good one. :)

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