Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got Pumpkin?

I was in search of kitty ears on Halloween, and on the way into Walmart I found a bin of pumpkins for .98 each. The top of the bin was full of smaller pumpkins, and upon closer inspection I realized there were some nice big ones at the bottom of the box. Being vertically challenged, I did what any mother in search of the best deal available would do. I hoisted the strongest of my available off-spring into the box, where he lifted the big pumpkins out to me. Six pumpkins in one over-loaded cart later, we found the ears and went about the rest of the day.
I wanted the pumpkins for making my own pumpkin puree. With it being over a dollar a can, it is much more economical and better tasting to make my own. I had to wait until we had a free day, though, so last Saturday the kids helped carve up the pumpkins. Then I roasted all the pieces in the oven until they were soft.

Six large pumpkins make a LOT of puree. I wasn't expecting this much. I ended up bagging the puree into freezer bags in two -cup increments, totalling 50 bags. I can make two pies or cakes per bag. There are a lot of pumpkin pies, breads, cakes, muffins, cookies, etc in our future. A lot.
I started baking right away with a yummy pumpkin sheet cake. (I don't like whiskey or raisins, so I replaced them with crushed walnuts and cream cheese frosting.)
And while it cooled, I supervised Faith making cream cheese frosting. I would like to show you the final pictures, but they aren't available. That cake got frosted, and the kids ate it before I could take a picture. In fact, they ate it for dinner.
However, before you let yourself be shocked that I let my children eat a cake for dinner, just ask yourself if your children have ever eaten doughnuts for a meal. I figure that between the fresh pumpkin (veggie), the yogurt substituted for oil (dairy), and the nuts I baked into the cake (protein), they had a fairly balanced meal. It was certainly more healthful than fried dough with lard-based frosting, or deep-fried processed chicken parts! And it was incredibly delicious. Pumpkin... it's what's for dinner. Sometimes.

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Melissa said...

Totally understand the vertically challenged thing!

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