Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Booker the Bear

Booker the Bear is a fluffy version of Flat Stanley. He goes home with different kids and keeps a journal of what he does with them. Booker came home with Beth today, and came along to help us cook the Tuesday Night Dinner. He is a bear with a servant's heart.
He really liked being in charge of the desserts. Bears do like sweet things.
Well, they like food in general. He was equally excited about stirring the veggies and adding some margarine (yuck) to them. His excitement just bounces off the screen, doesn't it.
Aren't Beth's new boots cute? She had them on when she took Booker out to the playground to swing for a while. When she came back in she was wearing Booker's jacket. Beth has never met an inanimate doll or bear that she could leave dressed. She always takes off their clothes, leaves the naked doll behind, and plays with the clothes.
I made her return Booker's clothes to him. Then he rode along with us to take the boys to scouts. We got home and read a story to him. (Part of bringing Booker home is he has to be read to, hence his name.) After that it was time to get ready for bed. He is now happily smothered snuggled with Beth sound asleep.
Goodnight, Booker. Goodnight, Beth. Goodnight, JohnBoy. Goodnight, Moon.

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