Monday, December 08, 2008

It's Christmas time in the small town!

I haven't had a chance to blog the last few days. Between work, feeding and toting children around, and assorted other duties, I have been filling all my free-time (insert wild laughter here) with Christmas activities.

Faith is part of the Honor's Choir, and they had a performance on Friday night. She can't wait to have you all hear the cowboy version of Jingle Bells, so I have to edit video sometime this week. I better track down some batteries for the remote.
She had also been asked to sing at the city's Christmas party on the square this Saturday. She decided to sing "Mary, Did You Know." She practiced and practiced and practiced, making me realize I shouldn't let her perform my favorite songs anymore so they can stay my favorite songs. Which means she can never perform a Bon Jovi song. Ever.

As I took this photo I was remembering taking this one just a year ago. Gulp. Sniff. Does she really have to get so grown-up so fast?
We got to the square, where Faith practiced her song some more, and sounded really good practicing. Then it took longer to set up than anticipated, and she suddenly had an audience, and she had to hurry to get to the parade on time... and nerves took over and she struggled with the right notes as she sang. She got through it, though, and the more practice she has the less nervous she will be.
There were doorprizes at the party. Jack one a $10 gift certificate to the discount grocery store, and later I won a $25 one to the regular grocery store. You know you are really slipping to the uncool side of like when free groceries excite you.
Lesly was chosen as Miss Merry Christmas in the Drama Club, and she asked Matt to be her escort. We decorated up the truck and they got to be their own float. The tree was a lot cuter before it started falling over every five seconds.
Here are the kids from church ready to walk the parade route. Most of mine were with this group. They were invited to be in other floats, but I prefer if most of them stick together. It is easier to count them present this way.
Somebody brought a Civil War cannon as a float. I don't know if they are history buffs, or one of the ones who still can't accept that the war ever happened.

There were a lot of interesting floats there. This one really caught me, though. Is this the Burger King king masquerading as Jesus??

And I saw this, and I just have to say that you know the economy is getting really bad when Santa has to hire an armed elf contigent to protect his sleigh.
Here are Matt and Lesly throwing candy at people. Be free, candycanes!
My mom rode in the truck with Jack and enjoyed trying to hit people with candy too.
My daughter has been trained well. She knows to always look towards the camera.
Beth had a new first in the parade. She walked with her Girl Scout troop without a parent or sibling accompanying her. All of my kids are growing up so fast!
This picture was extremely overexposed, soI tweaked it to see what would happen. I think what happened came out kind of cool.
After the parade was over, I started gathering up stray kids in the pick-up. I am thinking of delivering them to needy families this Christmas season.
That night we drove to Berryville to eat Lion's Club chili and watch their parade. The kids couldn't wait to collect some candy.
And then, true to his stalkerish personality, the Burger King dude masquerading as Jesus was there again.
Now off I go to bed to prepare for tomorrow's escapades. I will have a couple more updates tomorrow night.

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Johanna said...

How is it that you were right across from me and I didn't see you? (They call me Captain Oblivious!) By the way, I thought that Jesus/Burger King was a little weird too!! Hope all is well with you and your family. Is your mom's leg doing better???

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