Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Pictures.. Here ya go, Matt!

On the Saturday before Mom left we all dressed up in our Christmas clothes and came into town to try to take some family pictures on the square. It turns out it wasn't a great location visually for taking pictures, and the wind decided to join us in full force. I ended up not liking most of the pictures, particularly since my camera is having issues at the moment, but I have been fiddling with them. In the meantime, Matt keeps asking me if I have them uploaded yet. "Hey, Mom... pictures done?" "Mom, where's the pictures?" "Mom, can I have the Christmas pictures before next Halloween?" Okayyyyyy, Matt.. here you go.

These actually all need to be edited better, and I may even retake the whole thing if I can't find a way to liven the pictures up a bit.
Here are my pretty little girls.
And my handsome guys.
And here is the entire 6 pack.
When we got home that afternoon, I asked them all to sit on my favorite bench for photos and try some that way. They came out better than the ones on the square, but by this point the kids were freezing.
Mom took some of Jack and I together too. (Matt just came in and saw this one and said "Any photos of me going up?)
Here are the individuals.
That afternoon I asked my icicles to change their clothes and put on the funny shirts we had found for them. We found one for each of them that really suited their personalities. These are going on the family cards. (Mr. Impatient's is the first one posted on this thread.)
Now, in the first set of individuals you can see Todd's picture. But this one IS Todd. How does so much personality get packed into one little person??

I am hanging this one in our bedroom.
So off I go to edit them better and get them ready for print. I want to frame them. I found the perfect frame at Target today that I am going to go back and get eventually.
It has the exact amount of spaces oriented exactly the way I need them for this set. Isn't it pretty?


Melissa said...

Great pics! I hate when you are all ready and the wind starts blowing, it happens every time!

Anonymous said...

As I sit here on the couch at home, with my leg continuing to be propped up, I am thinking about you all and how much I enjoyed being able to be there with you for three weeks! Merry Christmas and all my love to each of you.

Hugs and kisses,