Monday, December 01, 2008

Does it surprise you...

that Todd would receive a "TopTurkey" certificate? It shouldn't. I am sure the rest of the kids in his class also received one, but I have compelling proof that he really is a turkey.
Meet Senor Todd. (I don't know how to make my "n" and "enyay" with my keyboard. Just pretend I type fluent Spanish.)

He has arrived to protect our borders from stray chickens, immigrating cows, and curious horses.

He's got his eye on you.
This is 70's Todd. The sideburns do me in. He woke me up Sunday morning wearing these. It was quite the curious sight to open my eyes to. I laughed and asked him where he got them. He said, "I grew them." And then he told me how he has to be careful to leave them on the plastic so they stay sticky. Everybody grows facial hair on sticky paper, right?
Josh bought these for Todd and Talon the other day. Talon's was a goatee. Too bad I didn't get to take pictures of both of them with furry faces. They both could have received a Top Turkey certificate.

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chris jenkins said...

congrats to todd on being such a turkey - lol! totally dig seƱor todd and 70's todd. and to get that wavy thing on a pc you type ctrl+~ and then n and it should make the enyay letter for you. on a mac, it's alt/option + n and then you type the letter n.