Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tonight I Made Some Fudge

I am not really a cookie person. Cookies require precise measurement. I don't like being that tedious with food. Cookies require supervision. I am going in too many directions at once, and almost always burn half the batch. Cookies require some planning to make sure all the ingredients are available. Ick. Therefore, I don't make holiday cookies. I prefer baking that only requires one pot or pan, and is all done at the same time. In fact, I prefer to not bake at all which is why fudge is such a viable option for me. Technically, it is cooking. I like to cook.

What I do instead of baking traditional Christmas cookies is wait until the last minute, and then whip together fudge. I was going to make two batches tonight (the kids want to take some to their teachers) and then that slight bit of preciseness fudge requires kicked in. The recipe calls for 1 small can of evaporated milk, and since I needed two batches I added two cans. Upon closer inspection, it was stated in the recipe to use the small 5 oz can. I had just dumped 24 ounces in my pot of melted butter and sugar. So I added the butter and sugar for another two batches and carried on.

I ended up with this... half a table full of confectionary yumminess. I have a large table. It can handle a lot of fudge.
I can't, though. I have been really pretty good about holiday sweets in my attempts to take off the weight I have found again this year.I did indulge in one small treat ,though. I let myself lick the spoon and scoop some of the leftover temptation from the pan.

It was delightful. Hopefully the teachers will enjoy receiving a pound of fudge a piece, because I am not letting all those calories sit in my house and scream out to me. They have more children to chase after than I do... they can burn it off faster!

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Butterfly Dreamer said...

Thank goodness that we start curves huh, with five(?) lbs of fudge laying around!!!!!