Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A mishmash note

My mom needed me to take her picture with the flowers her friend sent her. I think he thinks we are never sending her back to Vegas. He is right. I have made arrangements for the doctor to ban her from flying at all, and limiting any time spent driving to a twenty mile radius. She certainly can't walk that far. So she is stuck here. (There are advantages to living in small towns!)

Her leg is finally almost healed, but there is still some infection there so she still has to keep it propped. We didn't get to do anything we wantedto do while she was here, but she has had an opportunity to delve into my bookshelves with gusto. Too bad there isn't some kind of laid-up Gramma winter reading program where she can earn points for books read. Sadly, she really is going home on Sunday. I will see her again in February when I fly out there to love on my niece when she is born.
I had to take Chet in for counts and tests today when he woke up in pain. He is okay. The test for clots came back negative, and his platelets have gone up a little bit. It was an unnerving way to start the day, but I ended it with a two plus hour church meeting so I guess there was a strange sort of balance there somewhere.

This Sunday the kids will be performing in the Christmas play at church. Service is at 10:30, and everybody is invited. If adorable kids don't make ya want to go, you might want to come so you can eat at the dinner afterwards. It is all going to be fun! In lieu of an engraved dinner invitation (my mom always said that when I was growing up..."Come to the table, I am not passing out engraved dinner invitations!") I thought I would share Todd's Nativity drawing with you instead. I love his triangular Heavenly Hosts and triangular shephards. Mary appears to have been a very short person. Todd must have modeled her after Crystal (not married to Nathan.)

Good night!

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Butterfly Dreamer said...

Oh, thats a good one Jenn, you know what they say about short people, we can do some major damage to both knee caps, plus we don't have to bend over as far to pick things up. :-)

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