Monday, January 16, 2006

Creative Weekend

I had a fun and productive weekend! I finished four more of the HOF assignments. I only have two left to go, so I should be done with those tomorrow.

I made this layout and finished this planner.

Then last night I got my beads out while Jack and I were watching TV. With show season just around the corner again, I wanted some nice stuff to wear on the road. The worst thing about making jewelry is that now I am going to have to go buy some new clothes to match them. Life is rough sometimes.

My scanner is still the bane of my existence. The beads on this set are all shades of robin egg blue, there aren't any green beads at all.

I wanted something double-stranded and kind of chunky, so I put this set together. I still want a bracelet to match, but I need more chunky beads. I also need to get some more crimp covers to finish covering some of the crimps on the necklace. The beads shifted when I covered them with the towel... the two strands nest together like they are supposed to.

This is a more casual necklace. It is just black leather cording, some really light pink beads and silver chain, and a love token.

Then today the UPS man brought me a box full of these pretty Prima products. We will have a feature on them next weekend at ScrapVillage, and then some of them can be found in the Prima booth at CHA. I am staring at the big pretty flower, and wondering how hard it would be to make it into a necklace!

I have come to a conclusion. I need more four day weekends!


chris jenkins said...

pretty! I need to learn to make jewelry like that! I am trying to figure out those photo tile thingies which I would string on a leather cord or a black silk cord. I figured I could make them fit into those 7Gypsies or Lil Davis frames and thing string them.

Love the planner (still debating on making one of these) and love the LO - you certainly do have a little junque artist on your hands!

i wish every weekend was a 4-day weekend too!

kelly edgerton said...

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I've never used Prima flowers before. I know, I know, I'm behind the times. But I just don't think I can do these flowers justice, so they sit in their pretty little jars adorning my scrapbook room. My bad.

Your jewelry is beautiful. Wow! Just wow on that.

Jennie said...

I'm so excited about coming over to CHA at LV, and I think the Prima booth will be one of my first stops, just can't get enough of them!

Jenn, yes we really must try and meet up in LV, it would be really lovely to meet you irl!

Jennie said...

I also meant to say, good luck with those HOF assignments.

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