Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hall of Fame Non-contender

This was one of my starter pages for my Hall of Fame entry. I knew when I made it that I would probably pick something else instead, but it was good for getting my juices going. I made something entirely different to replace it, so I am posting it. I made the chipboard letters with modeling paste and stickers. The map paper is from Scenic Route. If I don't hate it by next month, I might submit it for some Halloween calls.. :0)

Journaling reads:

The trick-or-treat seas were a dangerous place to be on that dark
Halloween night. Captain Peach-fuzz Beard and his band of
fiercely-cute pirates were preparing for a night of buccaneering. The
snarls and piratey laughter could be heard for blocks around, and
anybody not shivering in their boots was joining in with the raucous rendition of "100 Bottles of Rootbeer on the Wall." As dusk settled, the merry band set out to collect their bounty at swordpoint, pulling up to the doors and snarling " Surrender yer treasure or ye'll walk the plank!" After two
hours of successfully pirating as much candy as their bounty bags could
hold, they returned home to gloat over their loot before stashing it in
their treasure chests. They didn't bury it well enough though, and an hour after the weary band of pirates went to sleep, their renegade parents
had plundered the goods. Aarrgh, Matey, such is a pirate's life!


Anonymous said...

What cute kids you have! I love the layout. WendiB

Heather D. White said...

"...If I don't hate it by next month.."

LOL!! You're so funny. I think you should ABSOLUTELY submit this layout! It's great!!! TFS!!

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