Monday, January 02, 2006

No School Today!

So I got up this morning, and packed Matt off to school in a timely fashion. He walked there (about a half a mile) and called me to let me know there is no school today. Apparently I need to read those notices the schools send home a little better in the future... LOL

I could really use some help finding some cool music. First off, the kids need songs to use in Sign Design, especially the boys. They need to be upbeat with a good message behind them. You just never realize how much music there is out there until you have to start searching through it!

Secondly, we bought Matt an MP3 player for Christmas, and since I am downloading his stuff, I want to make myself some CDs to listen to, or even better, have the songs ready to install on my own MP3 or Ipod in the near future. I know there is all kinds of music out there I like, but I only know the titles and/or the artists for very few of them! Want to share and tell me what some of your favorites are?


Marjorie said...

LOL Jenn about the school comment. Our kids don't go back till Thursday...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn It's Sarah Murphy, I know you said you like country Music. however I think you might like a guy name Michael Buble. You may have heard of him already,but I love him. His music plays on the Jazz station here in Vegas. He sings though it's not instrumental. I have seen him on other peoples blogs were you can listen to what he sings but can't remember which one. Anyway hope that helps have a Happy New Year!!! sarah~