Monday, July 07, 2008

Bang goes the 4th

We had a quiet 4th. We were supposed to go a friend's house for another friend's surprise party, but I haven't been feeling great. I have a headache that just will not leave me alone. We decided to stay home and watch the fireworks show from our front porch. We didn't BBQ this year, just roasted some chicken and taters, but I did make a tray of deviled eggs and these yummies.

Josh and Mystery stopped by and had a box of fireworks that we went out and started lighting on our basketball slab. Poor old Red. He has always loved chasing water and lights, and fireworks just drive him into a state of absolute bouncy glee. Well, he wouldn't leave the fireworks alone, and kept trying to catch them in his mouth the way he catches water from the hose. This particular firework shot big balls up out of the fountain randomly, and Red grabbed hold of it just as one went off in his mouth. He is okay, but he dropped the firework and it landed on its side and it was still blowing those balls out. Suddenly, we were all being shot at and running for our lives while Red rolled around on the ground trying to cool his mouth. If I had videotaped it I would have shown you the video. I am sure we all looked quite comical fleeing the fountain-turned-roman-candle-ambush.
After that firework got done gunning for us, we finished the rest of the fireworks and let the kids light their sparklers. Red couldn't completely tear himself away from those tantalizing firedrops, but he didn't eat anymore and aim them at us.

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