Friday, July 11, 2008

Making it through VBS

Oh man... I am tired. But we have had a good time, and most everything has gone smoothly. Tomorrow is the last day, and then tomorrow night we are having a huge BBQ. Sunday the kids have their program during the services... and theeennnnn...... VBS is over for a year!! Here are a few shots of my kids (and Tyler and Talon) from the last couple of nights. I am missing Matt and Faith... a lot!

We have spent most of our days at the church getting ready each day, but yesterday I made sure we were there for Chet's pottery class. He learned how to grind off hard spots on his fired pieces, and then we started glazing.

We ran out of time to get all of the pieces glazed. We will finish them up next week.
Sherry sent Chet home with a block of clay, and he spent today forming them into chess pieces. I don't have those pictures uploaded to my computer yet.

I should be back on Sunday sometime with more photos. Tomorrow is full of baseball, VBS, BBQ,and then I am going to my friend Crystal's birthday party. Sleep is optional.

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The Well Read Gardener said...

Thanks for the comment! Love your blogs and especially the layout of this one. Thanks for always showing your support for the library!

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