Sunday, July 20, 2008


We had a really nice week, and I have lots of photos to share tomorrow. I am very excited about tomorrow afternoon. When I get off work I get to actually come home, and I don't have anywhere I have to go. Not a single thing I have to take care of. I don't even have to do housework because we scrubbed the house down today. I am coming home and getting my photos edited, telling the stories with them, and then scrapping and designing. Of course, given the nature of our hectic lives, it is entirely likely that something will come up and change all that (like we might end up at the library if there is something going on there) but for now the afternoon and evening are slated for rest and relaxation!

I did scrap these pictures of Daniel after dinner tonight. Jessica came a few weeks ago to help with the Tuesday Night Dinner, and then she and Tony and Daniel came to Kyle's game. He would smile and coo EXCEPT for when the camera was on him. The next time he and my camera meet I will have to get some photos of his chunky little legs.

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Katherine B. said...

Beautiful layout! Did I miss something...are you a "Grandma"??

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