Monday, July 07, 2008

A full week

We had several other misc things this last week. Kyle's had two baseball parties, one for his regular season team and one for his all-star team. Here he is being presented with a trophy from his all-star coaches.

I took the three younger kids to the library today. They have different activities every afternoon, and we go as often as we can. Today they were learning about butterflies, and then Beth and Todd got their library cards. Todd took off to find books before I could take his picture! Wednesday was flight day for Matt and Faith. Faith is in Vegas getting spoiled and Matt is wandering the West coast, family hopping between California, Oregon, and Vegas.
On the way home from the airport I took this picture through my dirty windshield of our lake. You may have heard the news about the floods in MO, and while most our area hasn't had the devastation they have had, all of our lakes are reaching record highs. The tourist season for this lake has really suffered because all of the beaches are underwater. Can you see how the water level is up on the trees?

My garden... sigh... it is in a sad state of affairs. My lettuce is doing okay.
And at first glance the tomatoes seem to be doing well. However, tomatoes don't vine around their cages like this. Do you know what does vine like that? Go ahead and guess. Yep... pumpkins vine like that. I give up. I concede to my agriculture fate. It has become painstakingly clear to me that I am meant to be a pumpkin farmer. I am very good at growing them, and I don't even try! If you are craving pumpkin pie or want to carve a pumpkin for an anniversary or birthday next month, you know where to find me and my pumpkin patch!

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