Sunday, July 27, 2008

Have to make this.

I am posting this here so I don't forget about it or lose track of where I saw it. All of the kids love to play chess, and this is so perfect... they can all play at once with this! I will get the pieces for this printed this week and they can keep themselves occupied with it for a while.

I have been browsing chess graphics for a kit I am working on, and I found a board version of it that I eventually want to get for Chet. Although he likes to play against the other kids, there are lots of times he enjoys jsut playing against himself. Either way, this would be a fun challenge for him.

And I happened to find this too, and thought it was pretty cool.

Here is another variant I found that I really will end up getting him. This mat will roll up and fit in the case he already has for his tournament boards, and it only costs $10. How cool is that? We are in the process of putting together an ongoing chess club in our town. This and other chess games like it would be a fun activity for the club.

I should be able to get pics of the kids up tomorrow. Matt and Faith are home in one piece. It has been a happy afternoon for all of us. We are going to Kevin and Debbie's for lunch tomorrow after church. (well later today I guess... it is late.) I guess I should drag myself to bed and get some sleep!


Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

Butterfly Dreamer said...

Those are some really neat chess sets that you found. Leave it to you to find all the cool stuff. I'm glad to have Matt & Faith back. She did an awesome job at church today in both picking out the music and singing. Hope you still half-way sane and kicking by the time I see you on Tues.

Butterfly Dreamer said...

I know hon, Both you and Debbie were sent to me to keep me on my toes and I was sent to you cause I just go with the flow of being ribbed :) ( plus to give ya'll cliques ) And it wasn't black-- it was dark brown-- Black is just so blah and ordinary and I'm anything but ordinary. And yes I say that w/ great pride !!!! :):):)

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