Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A wasp, a bat, and a window

I left Matt and Chet at home today to finish their chores while I took the younger kids to the church to cook the Tuesday Night Dinner. I called them to make sure they were ready for scouts, and Matt said to me, "Um, Mom... the bathroom window accidentally got broken." I asked what happened and he lets me know that Chet broke it while he was trying to kill a wasp. I asked him what Chet was killing the wasp with. The answer stopped me in my tracks. "A metal bat." Whaaatttt???? So I was standing in the kitchen and I say, "Who uses a metal bat to kill wasps on a window?" and Crystal, Zack, Leslie, and Vivian start laughing. A lot.

So I tell Matt to put Chet on the phone and he very quietly says, "Hi Mom." I asked him why he used a bat to kill a wasp. He responded with,"It was attacking me!!" And of course, when a wasp attacks you, you should leave the room and return with a metal bat. Who needs flyswatters when you can really pack a punch?

Apparently, it took a few minutes after that for the window to break. He actually swung at it several times before it landed on the window. I was listening to his tale of woe, and desperately trying not to laugh, unlike the folks around me who were guffawing every time I asked a new question. Fat lot of help they were as I tried to keep a straight tone in my voice. Between giggles I let Chet know he was going to have to wash an awful lot of dishes to pay for that window.

Thank goodness for double pane windows! Not only does it mean we at least have some kind of window to keep cool air in, but none of the glass ended up outside the window.

Oh Chet... you will never live this down. Going after a wasp on a window with a bat ranks right up there with Kyle painting Jesse's computer after reading the Home Depot painting book.

I wandered the yard a little today after I got home. These lovely flowers are growing on our dirt road, and we have some that bloom around one of our trees. I have no idea what they are, but they are lovely.

My corn is popping up in rows.
My plum trees are heavily fruit-laden. (The kids think they arebig grapes.)
And since I planted my caladiums in thefront planter the rightway, they are blooming. Ilove the colors in caladiums!
And this little garden gnome is watching over the caladiums and magniolas as they bloom. Apparently he doesn't watch over bathroom windows.


Johanna said...

LOL....I'm afraid I would have been laughing with everyone else, and absolutely no help to you! (In his defense...wasps can make you feel downright defenseless...of course, I would have run out the door and shut Matt up in the room with the wasp!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I was laughing my head off while reading this tale. I always say that boys just react without thinking and this is definately proof. At least it is well documented so that you can refresh his memory when his son does something similar.

Butterfly Dreamer said...

I still up when crack up when I think about that. But it was Alex, not Zach that was there. Don't worry though, everyone confuses them.

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