Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ready for a new week!

It was fun, and I will gladly do it again next year, but WOOOHOOOOO!!!! VBS is over! I think it was a success. We had 64 kids altogether, and several of the kids participated in our program today. Along with being fun, there were parts that were pretty touching too. This was a great, exhaustive experience! I don't have anymore pictures to share from that tonight, because frankly, I am tired of looking at them after editing them for the program today.

Chet has been feeling up and down this week, and missed a couple of nights, but last night when I asked if he was going he gave a resounding, "Yes!" It would have been nice if it was VBS itself that had him so excited, but alas, he is a boy driven by his stomach. We were having a block-party style BBQ as part of our VBS, and he felt the call of cheeseburgers and the desire for the nutritious benefits (surely some exist) of a plateful of nachos AND Doritos. Efforts to convince him that corn in the form of Doritos or nacho chips does NOT count as a vegetable haven't been particularly successful.

After everything was all cleaned up and put away, my friend Crystal invited me to go to Eureka Springs with her and some friends for her birthday. She picked me up, but we didn't make it to the main road in town. We knew the rain was coming down heavily, and knew the roads had lots of water, but when we hit town and had streetlights we could really see the rivers the roadways had become. We decided it wasn't safe to try to make it up the hills in her little car, so we floated back to my house instead. She called her hubby Nathan, he met us at the house, and theeeennnn

the four of us played the best game ever invented. If you haven't played Cranium Wow you are missing out. We only played one round since we all had to be at the church this morning to run the program.
Jack went out this afternoon and pulled a lot of the weeds that were trying to choke my garden. He also pulled out my cucumber plants (and left the pumpkin plants) but I am coping with that. A few cucumbers is an easy enough sacrifice to make when it means I didn't have to pull the weeds myself. The pumpkin plants have invaded every part of my garden now.
Here is one of my pumpkin pepper plants. The white flower will be a jalepeno when it grows up, the yellow flowers will be pumpkins.
Here are my pumpkin lettuce plants. No flowers yet, but vining tendrils are everywhere.
Here are by pumpkin Big Boy tomatoes.
And here is a jumbo pumkin plant ....
preparing to hybrid itself with my broccoli. Such is life as a pumpkin farmer.
There were creepies and crawlies out there too. This pretty little flutterfly was visiting my punpkin carrot plants.
And this thing... well, I don't know what it is. I leave them alone when I come across them because they are mean-looking. They also have bright red on them, and in jungles that generally means something is poisonous. The weeds are tall enough to be jungle, so the Law of the Jungle applies here.
Oh grasshappers....they are everywhere. I have no idea what to do to get rid of them. Someday I should read up on this whole gardening thing because I am willing to bet there are a few tips out there somewhere that tell me how to keep the 6-legged creepies away. (I bet there are some good ideas for managing unruly punpkins too.)

And if one at a time isn't bad enough, you should see the villages the grasshoppers are setting up on my corn. I think there should be immigration laws that apply to this kind of squatting. If the Law of the Jungle applies, shouldn't the law of the land be applicable as well??

Tonight I did the funnest thing I have done all week. I took my kids to somebody else's VBS and left them there. hahahahahah..... life is so rewarding sometimes!

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Johanna said...

I knew you would make it! Now...for that garden...It just so happens that I have some good connections over at the extentsion office. (Mom is the 4-H assistant.) Anyway, they have info for all of your gardening needs and will answer any of your questions. Good luck!

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