Monday, July 07, 2008

The toe-eater returns

I showed you an alligator turtle a couple of weeks ago, and told you how they like to eat people one chunk at a time. At least that is my understanding. I haven't offered myself up as an appetizer to one to date. The other day Jack told me to bring my camera because this big fella was strolling up our driveway.

When we first got out there, he just laid down and stayed still while I took pictures of him from a safe enough distance to avoid any toe-chomping. To get him to move a bit, Jack offered him a marshmallow on a long stick. All of a sudden, gator-boy (I am assuming it is male...I didn't get close enough to check, nor would I even know HOW to tell on a turtle) stands up on his seemingly toe-less stumps and makes an eerie sound somewhere between a growl and a hiss. Did you know turtles can growl-hiss??? I didn't. It is crrrreeepy. Apparently, grumpy turtles aren't interested in marshmallows, and we didn't have any other snacks on hand to offer him.

So while we (Jack) were making this thing growl-hiss, the cats became pretty interested in what we were doing. They started wandering over to see what we were doing. I think they wondered if he was food.

I think gator-boy was wondering if they were food too. He probably thought we should offer them on a stick.
This thing has a face only a turtle-mother could love. Or maybe not. Maybe that is why these things are so nasty-tempered.
Eventually he got fed up and began to walk away. (I have no idea what that thing on his back is.)The kids sat on the truck with their toes tucked under them as he grumbled past them. The cats all walked away, apparently satisfied that he wouldn't be on the afternoon menu. We haven't seen him since, and haven't worried too much about it since we all still have ten toes apiece. I am actually sort of glad he and his kin don't come around much due to my propensity to walk around bare-toed.

This concludes today's episode of Ozark Geographic. Tune in next time for our special presentation "When Gator-Boys Attack." A toeless cat will be making a guest appearance.

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