Friday, September 19, 2008

So You Think You Want To See Me Dance

I keep getting asked to post pictures of me dancing. I finally agreed, but only if Crystal, Alex, Matt and Chet joined me. Prepare to be blown away. (You were warned... lol) If the video doesn't work, click here. Please leave them comments on their stellar performances. I had to work with them for weeks to knock them into shape for this! .... laughing as I walk away....

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Butterfly Dreamer said...

I think that all that work paid off. I look so hot in the can-can dress. Alex wants to know though, if you'd spiked his kool-aid that night cause he says that it seems to be a blur to him. LOL

Johanna said...

That's too funny! Yep...definately concerned about the kinds of people you've met here!

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