Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Junque

I have several more pictures from last weekend ready to share, but Blogger hasn't been letting me upload them. I will try again tonight. Here is what I have so far. My friend Crystal N. and her daughter Meghan came over to scrap and play last Saturday. Crystal took me to a new bakery in town, and I am in heaven. They make lots of incredibly yummy baked goods, but the best part is that they have Tres Leche, and they make it really, really, well... almost too well. This temptation is right across the street from my office. Oh my. If you have never had GOOD Tres Leche (milk cake) you really have to do yourself the favor of having some before you die. It is so yummy!

Crystal's dad works at the hatchery and is able to give her the eggs that don't make it through inspection. Some of the eggs are double-yolked (more to come on that later) and some are too small, and then there are others, like this one, that are just comically deformed. (Kyle had been building mudpies, hence the very dirty little hand.)

This is one of my favorite scenes when I am driving home. I love the tree tunnels. This time of year they are really starting to get pretty. The leaves are changing colors, but haven't fallen all the way off yet. I really want to find one of these where it is safe to let the kids walk along it while I take pictures. The corners are too sharp here, though, and the cars come too fast for me to risk it.

Sunday was a busy afternoon as well. Faith signed up for volleyball and had her first practice in the afternoon. She is catching on pretty quickly, and likes it so far. Her wrists are a little sore, but she will get used to it. Several of the girls on her team are in her class at school, so I think she likes it even more because of that.

After we practice we came back home, and Nathan & Crystal brought over burgers and hotdogs. After dinner, Nathan went outside and played basketball with the kids for a while. I was so tired by this point that I wasn't a very good hostess at all. Sorry about that guys!

I just wanted to show you the hamburgers and steaks my neighbors are raising. This is part of their backyard, which conjoins with ours. Some mornings I wake up with these guys right outside my window mooing and hollering. I have learned how to tell when a baby and a mama get seperated. When I went out to take their picture they were all facing me. That big scary camera scares them off everytime, though, and then one always gets brave enough to stop and turn back and try to scare me off like the one in the middle. Don't worry mama cow... I am not going to eat you. Yet.

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