Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Politically Fired Up!!

Alright... I have some Democrat friends out there, and if you need to , go ahead and close your eyes for this post! :0)

I am so excited about this election now! I am sitting here watching the RNC, and I just cannot wait to vote!

When I read of Senator McCain's choice for VP I stood up in my chair at work and WHOO-HOOed. You may not know this about me, but I was raised in politics. I stuffed and sealed more fundraising envelopes than I can count. I attended fundraisers on Wayne Newton's property, and I sang at a fundraiser event where Ronald Reagan and George Bush were speaking during their presidential campaign. I remember being dressed in my red, white, and blue suit and attending that speech, and feeling the energy and excitement in that room. This is the first election since I have been old enough to vote that I have felt that fired up about a candidate! The McCain/Palin ticket makes me want to go out and campaign for them! My mom was able to attend the RNC for the Reagan/Bush nomination, and as I am sitting here watching this RNC I really wish I could be in MN watching it live! Just how does one become a delegate???

I have always liked McCain, and everything I read about Sarah Palin makes me like her even more. She is smart, she has guts and gumption, and more importantly, she represents my values and political leanings. I am not going to list all the political reasons I like her or McCain; those are issues being debated all over right now. But let me just quote Guiliani for a moment... "How DARE they question whether Sarah Palin can be Vice President and have enough time to spend with her children!" Amen, Brother! That absurd question brings to mind an image. Did anybody ever question this presidential candidate how he would make time for his young children in the service of his country???

And another favorite quote from another speaker tonight..."Drill, Baby, Drill!"

I am going to log off now because she is about to come on and speak. Can you hear me applauding up there in MN???

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Anonymous said...

I just have to say your post gave me chills. I wholeheartedly agree with you 100% about Sarah Palin as well and I, too, cant wait to vote! I loved her speech last night. By the way, how lucky and blessed you are to be able to have the memories of those fundraisers and events growing up.
Just wanted to send some kudos and agreements your way. :D

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