Friday, September 05, 2008

My inner Andy Warhol

I wanted to make a new avatar with a current picture, so I asked Jack to take a picture of me before he went to work. This one came out okay, and I will probably end up using it. It just looks like I am missing an eye. Then Faith wanted to take some of me when we were inside. I said okay, but didn't check the settings on the camera. I had it in full manual mode, and at 10 Faith isn't really ready to tackle aperture, shutter speed, and focus. Therefore, the pictures all came out fuzzy, and the lighting created some extremely odd shadows in some parts of my face and washed out other parts. I don't end up on this end of the camera very often, though, so I thought I would play with some filters on them and see what I came up with. Come along and laugh with me.

This is my ghosty look. Ethereal white is in vogue, right? Beyond being fuzzy and strangely lit, I want to reach in this photo and fix my bangs. Stupid cowlick.

My alien DNA is showing in this one.

Hello high forehead.
Boo. Scary isn't it?
I am going to be taking some family photos for Crystal and Nathan soon. Would you guys prefer the missing eye look, or the alien or ghosty settings???

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