Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recipes you may or may not want.

I went grocery shopping this week, and picked up the ingredients for the world's best beverage. I could live on this stuff, and it is a lot more affordable to get it at the store than to pay for it at Sonic.

However, this morning proved that I am not used to having grenadine in the house. As we raced around the house this morning in an effort to get to church on time, we were also getting the rest of what we needed for the day.

I was making a pasta salad in between applying make-up, fixing heads of hair, and hunting for a volleyball kneepad. While the pasta was cooking, I prepped the veggies and was mixing the dressing. I used my dark purple measuring cup, and the kitchen was still pretty dark. I glancingly noticed the dressing was redder than usual, but I thought it was because it was a different brand of red wine vinegar. Jack drained the noodles and mixed them in the veggies and dressing. Right before we walked (raced) out the door I went to put the lid on the pasta salad and realized all the pasta had turned pink. I finally really noticed the jars on the table, and that was when I discovered that the "red wine vinegar" was really my grenadine syrup. Anybody up for some cherry-flavored Italian pasta salad???

So if you would like my version of Diet Cherry Pepsi (which I recommend), just add about half a teaspoon of grenadine to a can of soda and plop some cherries in there.

If you would like my version of Cherry Pasta (which I don't really recommend), just substitute a half a cup of grenadine for vinegar to two packages of Italian dressing mix, and toss with rotini, olives, broccoli, pimentos, and green onions. Um... bon apetit?


Katherine B. said...

LOL! Love the red pasta.

Johanna said...

Maybe add some cherries to the pasta???? Too funny. Grenadine is mom has used it forever for fancy drinks and Cherry cokes/sprites. My question is...did you try the pasta?

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