Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

Todd woke up Monday morning and told Jack , "I have to get ready for today. I have SO MUCH to doooo!" Jack asked what all he had going on and Todd said, "I have all day at school, and then I have hip-hop class." Yes, my littlest guy has had one of his dreams come true. The dance school has a hip-hop class for boys and he was able to enroll. I told him about it Friday, and he spent all weekend talking about it and getting ready for it.

I had a hard time finding a spot of the glass to shoot through where there weren't a bunch of reflections muddying the image, but here he is intensely concentrating on one series of steps.Then the mats came out and the kids worked on some tumbling. He thinks he is ready for break-dancing now. I told him to at least get the back flip down first. Look how red his little face turned while he was hanging upside down... lol
After hip-hop we headed back to town for GirlScouts. Faith led part of the pledge.
And Beth got to join the Daisy Scouts. She was so thrilled to get to stay. They learned songs and made tissue paper butterflies. Don't you love the windblown look both of the girls are sporting?
I left the girls there halfway through and ran home to make some sandwiches to feed all the little people. Then I got everybody rounded up again and we all headed to Matt's football game. This wasn't actually a real game, but a chance for the JV team to play. They wore their practice uniforms. I didn't remember Matt's practice jersey number, but I was able to spot him because he likes to wear the black underarmor.
I didn't get to take many game pictures, but I did catch this one as the huddle was breaking up and he was heading to his tightend position.

Monday was one of the "slower" nights this week. I won't regale you with the minute by minute activities of each one, but I am posting this just as I head out to round everyone up again. Today's agenda includes habitat activites for Chet and Faith, volleyball practice for Faith, youth for Matt and Chet, children's program for all the younger guys, and then home for homework.

It really makes me appreciate the mornings more when the afternoons are so busy. This is what I woke up to today. I love when the weather conditions create this foggy blanket on the property and over our pond. It is so pretty and peaceful, and with a schedule like ours in the fall we need all the restorative power of peaceful moments that we can get!

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Johanna said...

Love that fog too, but the "more experienced" (that means the old folks) around here say that for every foggy day in summer, we will have a snow day...better stock up on the hot cocoa!!

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