Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mikey Likes It!

Well, they aren't really named Mikey, but I liked the title.

I told Kevin and Debbie about the Cherry Pasta, and Kevin said he thought it sounded good. I laughed and said I would would bring it to the dinner we make on Tuesdays so he could try it.

I brought it, and he and Crystal tried it. And they liked it. Kevin said he would make it that way on purpose. They even split the bowlful and took it all home. I certainly wasn't going to eat it. It was sweeter than sweet!

Crystal thinks Johanna's idea to add cherries sounds good.

I am flabbergasted. It isn't a recipe they will be promoting on Food Network, but Kevin and Crystal like it. Go figure... lol.


Johanna said...

Go figure...I'm starting question the kind of people you've met!! LOL

Butterfly Dreamer said...

What can I say, Kevin and I are the weird people that makes the world go round. :-) LOL

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