Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aimee or Marcie....

Are either one of you reading today? Can one of you please send me everyone's addresses when you get a chance? I can't find the file where I thought I had your emails, numbers, and addresses! Thanks!


Anonymous said...
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Kara said...

hey girl!! my email is karaintx@yahoo.com

;) email me!! i don't have yours either!! we were in FL on *vacation* will talk to you soon!!

Anonymous said...

I just had a chance to finally log on my e-mail address is ramsowera@aol.com I will double check on Marcie's for you I can never remember it since I don't actually type it in anymore. Send me an e-mail so that I will have your new address I only have the old one. I loved the picture of all of the kids you are so good. I told Jack that I am envious but I know that I would be too lazy to ever keep all of that going. I'll send Marcie's e-mail too you as soon as I log back off and get it from my address book. I hope your Christmas was well.


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