Sunday, December 10, 2006

another post bites the dust

I had a huge post put together with photos from the week, and my internet went offline just as I posted it... ugh. I don't feel like putting it all back together... sorrry!

Today was the children's choir Christmas program, and these are just always so cute. I seriously eat stuff like this up... I love how excited the kids get before they go on the stage, I love how they smile and wave to me from the stage, and I love hearing the songs and lines they have been practicing. Good job guys.... it was a great performance!

So.... this is how Todd came out of his bedroom the other day. I was telling him how it would be obvious to everyone who saw him that he had taken care of getting dressed all on his own that day, and he didn't agree with me. He thought there was nothing out of order in his clothing... shirt first, jacket, tie where the collar meets... what is wrong with that, right? (You can't see here how the shirt is inside out with only two buttons twisted around and buttoned... one at the chest and one on the tummy for balance.... and that isn't even mentioning how the top button is attached through the third hole on the inside-out shirt.) I have to give him credit... he is right... he did get the layers in the right order... LOL... who needs to worry about anything beyond that , right?
I have a job interview on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get a job working the shift I am available to help make some money over the winter! I will let you know how it goes. Have a great week til then!


Anonymous said...

Agghhh...and I was looking forward to seeing the update!

I wish I could have been there for the kids' performance.

LOL about Todd's sense of style! He's our little ham for sure!!!

Love and miss you all...


Jennie said...

Good luck for the job interview.

Jen from UK

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