Monday, December 04, 2006

Catching up a little bit

We had a really busy weekend, so there are a lot of photos in this post!

Today I felt like scrapping, and I decided to get a little caught up with the challenges on the color blog. The challenge a couple of weeks ago was to use a color you really don't like using. I almost never use yellow, so I decided to try a layout with it. I would have loved to have scrapped more, but I ran out of ink. Sigh.

This layout and sketch is being featured on the home page of Scrap Village this month for the Blueprints section. If you would like to participate, just create a layout with the sketch, upload it to the Village Museum, and you might win a gift certificate to the General Store.

We really had a busy Saturday. Part of the day was spent at the Christmas Parade on the square. I took all the kids, and then the crazy boys showed up too. :0) We came home and did some work around the house, and then Johanna and Billy brought their kids over and we all ate and visited for a while.

Saturday morning was a perfect time for me to take Jessica up to Eureka Springs to find some more shots for the photo scavenger hunt. I found a few more... some of them I found two shots that would work.

Staircase... I can't decide which of these two I like better. I am leaning towards the first one because I love how the stairs were built into the side of a mountain.

Stopsign.... This shot was so fun! These are outside of an antique/junk shop, and I have been wanting to buy these signs for Kyle's room. Jessica and I had to dig them out of the snow for this shot!

Here is another one for the stopsign. As much as I love the top picture, I love this one just because it is so unique!

Accident.... We literally stumbled over this shot. I wore my boots to keep my feet warm in the cold weather, but boots aren't really the best thing to wear on ice. So I found myself sliding down the street towards this broken streetsign on the corner. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who found the ice a bit slippery... at least I wasn't in a car though!

Village.... I love Eureka Springs because it is so historical. It was famous for the bathhouses in the late 1800's early 1900's. The whole town looks like a Christmas village to me, and every Saturday there are people whose job it is to walk around town in period costumes. The lighting is bad in this shot, but it was still fun to take!


The kids ended up spending almost all day Friday playing with the snow. They did it all... snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, and Faith even went sledding with the kids across the street. (Matt built a snow-woman in the snow, but she ended up being too pornographic to add to the blog. Teen boys, I tell ya!) They changed their mittens constantly, and went through two containers of hot cocoa. It was fun.... but it was coooooolllllldddddd.... and it is even colder now. Brrrrrr.... I love it!

Chet's snowman
Faith's snowman

I don't think Jack had nearly as much fun as everyone else, but at least we knew we could walk on the porch and pathway safely!!

I have been doing a lot research on different Photoshop tips and tutorials, digital scrapping sites, and other general photography tips. I am going to be adding these links to my sidebar in the next few days. If anybody has other suggestions for any of the categories I end up adding, I would love the input! I just want to have an easy way to access all that info when I need it, and I never mind sharing it with others.

The kids are back in school this week, but I have heard rumors of another big storm moving in next week. Sounds promising!!

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Jolene George said...

I SOOO LOVE all the photos you've taken for the challenge. They are so beautiful! I'm sure you're thrilled with all of them. Your kids sure had a ball in the snow and I am totally cracking up at the thought of Matt's snow-woman...way too funny!

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