Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today is Jack's birthday... his last year before he goes over the hill! Happy Birthday, Babe! Enjoy your football day!
I got up early this morning, and Faith, Beth, and Todd were busy making a huge papery mess in the living room making birthday cards to surprise their dad... so sweet!!

Chet, Faith, and Kyle all sang in their Christmas assemblies yesterday before school let out for Christmas breaks. My pictures did not come out well with my little weak lens on my camera, but Faith had a speaking part, and Chet kept looking at me and smiling from ear to ear... he really enjoyed singing his songs!

Just a random shot... I showed Kyle how to use my mini-brads the other day, so he used that knowledge to make Beth a paper elephant. Their grubby faces crack me up... they were enjoying some chocolate as they made the elephant.
My new job is going well, and we are all adjusting to the different hours. I haven't had much energy to update the blog this week, but now that I am getting used to the routine I will be updating regularly again.


Kara said...

happy birthday jack!! loving the goatee!!

have yourselves a FAV christmas!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (again), Jack. I'm surprised with the cold that you don't have a full beard going!

I'll be looking forward to talking to all of you tomorrow. Merry Christmas!!!!

Love & hugs & kisses....


Bob said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! Don't worry. Nifty Fifty ain't so bad. I'm still surviving it two months in.

Loved those grubby faces. Makes me miss them even more each day. Was listening to your mom sing during the candlelight service in church last night (I couldn't sing, was getting over a cold), and started getting choked up thinking of the kids. We gotta get there soon.

My love to you, Jenn, Captain Jack and all the kids. Please tell them Grandpa misses them big time. Be safe, be well and be Blessed. Have a Merry!


Jolene George said...

Happy Birthday Jack!
I love their grubby little faces too. Very cute that he's learning how to use stuff. :o) Glad to hear the new job is ging well. It's hard to start new things with new schedules.