Thursday, December 14, 2006

Promised updates

Well, tonight was my interview and it looks like I am hired. I go in tomorrow to take the drug test, and unless the girls at Sonic have been lacing my diet cherry cokes I should clear that just fine. The best part is that the job comes with medical benefits... yayyy.... come do the happy dance with me! The hard part is that I will be working some really late hours and getting some really wacky sleep, but we will get through that.

I went today and became an official Arkansan... is that we are called here, Johanna? I have my Arkie driver's license (where they use two pictures of you on the front of it), I am registered to vote, and just to make my brother happy, I am working on a bit of a twang in my speech. However, I refuse to eat grits. Blech.

I took Todd and Beth to town today to get some milk, and our old neighbor Dale was the Salvation Army ringer. He saw Todd and waved him over, gave him his bell, and let Todd be a ringer for a little while. Todd wasn't sure at first, but as soon as he got that bell going he was having a blast!

When I came home, one of our huge trees out front was FULL of these birds... an entire migrating flock. This picture doesn't begin to really show how big the tree is, and how many hundreds of birds were in it, (In fact, this isn't even a fourth of all the branches on this tree) so telling you they were very loud is an understatement. I got out of the truck, and they all started squawking at us. Now, I don't know that birds have ever intimidated me before, but when you have a 40 foot tree or so full of screeching birds it can be a little unsettling to know that all their beady black eyes are on you. So we came inside to listen to them, and once they settled down and started to really sing, it was incredible. Incredible. I have never heard anything like it in my life.

I have one last thing to share tonight before I head to bed to get some sleep. Matt has been working on an English assignment where he has to create an anthology of his own poems in different styles. Is there anything better than junior high school poetry??? LOL. I was even a good mom and didn't edit them. Maybe he isn't Shakespeare, but I read them and they are just so him, and since I like him better than Shakespeare, I think I will keep copies of these to read again when he is 60... and maybe to pass out at his wedding. (My favorite line has to be "when he hatched I gave my dragon a chicken leg".... hahahaha) So I bid you good night, and without further ado, I present.... my aspiring poet's greatest works... :0) (love ya Matt!)

My name is Matthew Wellborn

I love all 9 of my siblings
God is my Passion
Black is my favorite color
I love Anime
X-box is what I play
I draw all kinds of things
I like Classic rock, Alternive rock, Metal, Pop and Rap

My Dragon

I found a oddly colored rock in the woods
When I was running from the men in the black hoods
The rock was actually a dragon egg
When he hatched I gave my dragon a chicken leg

Mad Matt

Matt is Mad at Mom
Mad Matt is grounded until Monday
Matt is mad because he sucks at math
Matt is mad at his mood he has had
Matt is not mad any more

Christmas cheer

Hurry Hurry Christmas is near
Everyone around here has a big Christmas Cheer
Put the Christmas tree right there
Santa will be coming soon with reindeer
Christmas morning childeren will wake up and Santa is here

The Horror in Transillvania

Welcome to Transillvana my dear friend
The castle is over there near the cliff end
Werewolves cry out to the moon to the night
Their teeth covered in Blood will give you a fright
The castle is just over there, but becareful because Dracula lives there BEWARE.
He is watching every move you make, approach him and thats a risk you will take.
He wants the blood from your skin and when he drinks you will comment terrible sin.
He sleeps in a coffin by day from sun light
Comes out of his coffin when the day turns night.
He had lived a very very long time and had never rot
but the legend of Dracula will never be forgot

Dragon begin from eggs
and brought out in between the mothers legs.
When they are littel they learn to fly
really really high.
When they are older they are grow,
much bigger than little farm crow. They breath fire
that is hotter than a tea pot
but when they breath it on you get a big red spot
and the legends of Dragons will never be forgot.


Clark kent turns into Superman and flies into the sky
Lois lane in the clutches of Brainiac cries for Help.
Superman comes and heats Brainiac to fry.
Superman saves Lois and flies to Smallville to stop by for a piece of pie
while two young boys watch him fly
Superman confronts Bizzaro with skin really pail
While Lex Luthor tries to escap trying to be sly
Superman defeats them both and puts them in Metroplis Jail


I hear loud mouth kids
I hear the sound of annoying dogs
I feel the cool wind

I hear kids playing
I hear leaves blowing in wind
kids are throwing balls

M arvel comic book fan
A rtist
T talented
T Tall
H air is long and curly
E xtra kind
W ell behaved

The night light covers me with a cold coat of mist
The hardness of rocks punched my feet
The winds are talking to the trees
The moon had to much to eat and now he is full
The sun is ready to play over the horizon

0 Dragons are my favorite mystic animal
1 strong
8 Dragons can breathe really hot fire
9 Dragons have really mighty powerful wings
2 breathe fire

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I love reading your blog! I check it all the time, but rarely comment. It looks like life in AK is treating you all well. I am sure that you are probably enjoying a cooler weather this year for the Holidays. Glad to see that everything worked out well in the end with Jack's job and your new home.

Take care,

Sharla in UT

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the job! But then how would they not want to hire you? You're smart, entertaining, happy, and reliable, just to name a few qualities I adore about you. But, then I'm a bit prejudice, too!!

I enjoyed reading Matt's poetry. It sounds just like the Matt I know!

I love you all and miss you terribly...

Hugs & kisses from MoM

Johanna said...

Yes Jennifer, we are Arkansans. I'm glad you are official now, but how will I know if it's you at Wal-mart without your Nevada Tags??

Congrats on your job.

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