Tuesday, February 07, 2006

IEPs and paperwork... ugh

I must admit... I hate doing IEPs and paperwork. I don't like the IEPs for a selfish reason. By law they have to read everything on the forms out loud to me every single time, but I am a smart person who reads really fast, so I have the whole darn thing read by the time they get through the first paragraph. I feel like it is such a waste of time to sit there and be read to... LOL

It went well, though, which is good because I had some concerns. Chet has finally been exempted from recess and PE for his own safety. They weren't having him participate in anything that could hurt him, but he was getting left on the sidelines to just watch everybody else do what he wanted to do too. Poor guy. Now he gets an extra art class twice a week with a different art teacher than his regular one (who would want to take the same art class three times a week... LOL) and he gets to go inside and play computer games, board games, card games etc with a friend during the big recess break. His small class has a private recess which is fine for him... only ten kids on the playground and his classmates are so awesome about being careful to not bump into him on the slides etc. Some of the school officials and policies drive me a little crazy (I resent being told my word isn't good enough when it comes to my own child's well-being.. of course it is good enough! I don't mind getting the documentation they need to verify medical conditions, but they better listen to me when I am the one who sees him everyday and can provide the most accurate information about his daily routines and struggles!) but I think his teacher and counselor are incredible. There are a lot of people there who genuinely care about his well-being, and everybody who works with him can't help raving about what a good kid he is. He really is... I am so proud of him!

So there we have it.. one IEP down, two to go. Matt's final IEP should be done this month, and we need to do one for Kyle to get him into speech services during school. Matt got his report card today too. Mostly A's (he is just beaming with pride) and several of his teachers gave him glowing reports about being a good kid too. It was a proud mom day!


chris jenkins said...

i know all about IEPs - I have to do them quarterly with my twins for their problems with speech and because I had made the decision to retain them last year.

i am glad it went well - the paperwork is just daunting and the line by line - ugh is right!

Katrine said...

I totally know how you feel about the IEPs. I have another one coming up next month. But, it's also nice for me to be able to see the progress my boys have made over the year.

I'm glad they've got Chet in extra art classes.