Wednesday, February 15, 2006

See ya soon!

Yesterday morning the kids cut and signed 60 valentines to pass out in class. Thank goodness for the last minute!! :0)They all had so much fun with their parties. There is a girl in Chet's class named Jackie, and Chet has a crush on her. He brought home her valentine to him and put it in his special box... awww! Kyle cut great bug huge hearts to give away... I don't know how I missed getting a photo of those!

Todd loved the whole idea of cutting and signing hearts, so that is what he did all afternoon. He kept "borrowing" my double stick tape and telling me he was working on a surprise. He covered the whole living room in paper hearts that were signed "Todd." The one he is standing by is the ladybug heart he made just for me. I thought that was incredibly sweet!

Jack and I didn't exchange gifts because we are saving our pennies for the big trip in two weeks. I did make dinner, though, and then we watched American Idol. Aren't we crazy romantics??? :0)

When I went in last night to check on the kids and make sure they were all covered, I found that Beth had snuck out of her bed and crawled in bed with Faith. The big doll head is Beth's favorite doll. She doesn't play wiht its hair or give it a makeover, but she talks to it, and dances with it, and takes it to bed. Apparently, they were all three having a midnight slumber party... :0)

I am on the way out to OC now. I will be back in a few days. I might be able to post from the road, but either way you will hear from me by Monday!


shirley said...

How sweet are those Valentines!! So love how your son decorated the room as a surprise for you!! Have a safe trip!

Valerie said...

so cute!!! love the girls sleeping with the Barbie head...
BTW - you did a GREAT job teaching today @ SB Expo!!!

Jennie said...

Have a great trip. Haven't been to visit you since back from CHA, missed you there. I had a blast, it was great. Couldn't cope with the tired feet and jet lag though!

Love the photos of your kids, especially the ones asleep.