Monday, February 13, 2006

Show season begins

So technically, there really isn't a show season... conventions run from February through November, but that is how I think of it. And it starts this week. I am getting ready to leave on Wednesday for Orange County. Today I finished putting together my sample classpacks so I knew what order to teach the project segment on each class in. I had to go get a new suitcase... the airports murdered two of them last year! I love this one... it has four spinning wheels on it so instead of dragging it I can steer it... woohoo! I also like that it is bright blue and will be easy to see it coming down the luggage carousel. I have new clothes to wear, and they are so cute! I am wearing skirts this week with my new Christmas boots, and I am looking forward to feeling dressed up a little and sassy. I went and bought my second set of make-up, shampoo, hairbrushes etc (I just keep one set packed in the suitcase so I don't have to repack it every other week or so) and I tracked down my extension cord. (Katherine shared that tip with me last year and it is a lifesaver to have in the hotel rooms that skimp on electrical outlets or don't put them anywhere near the mirrors!)I have my book for the plane, my computer is charged, and tomorrow I am getting a haircut. The first show of the year is the hardest, so it feels good to know I have the temporal stuff taken care of!

I sent Faith in after school to pick up her part of the room yesterday and she literally fell asleep on the job.

Kyle decided to make his own homework yesterday. He wrote out all of his numbers and the alphabet, and then he wrote his full name. I kept the paper so I can make a page with the picture soon.

The kids are enjoying having custom made closet spaces. We made Kyle and Todd's lower to the ground so they could easily reach their clothes. Kyle thought it was funny to get dressed without taking the hanger off the shirt or the rack. I was folding laundry in my room when I heard "Mommy... come take my picture of me being put away!" I don't know that putting one's self away in one's own closet is normal behavior, but I did agree that he looked pretty funny!

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Sarah said...

Good luck at your first show! Still coming to Portland? Can't wait to see you!