Wednesday, February 22, 2006

San Jose

I am on the way to San Jose tonight. I love going to visit the Bay Area, and I am hoping we will have time to go see some of my favorite places up there. I might get to meet up with my in-laws while I am up there as well if we can all work the schedules out!

I took Faith and we got our haircuts yesterday. She cut about 6 inches off her length, and although it looks cute I am sad to see the length gone! I know it will grow back, and it really isn't short just shorter than normal. Mine looks more like the picture in my avatar again. I haven't styled it yet, but I will get to that after I am done packing my bags.

We took the kids out to get new shoes last night, and this morning has been spent with Todd racing to me to show me how fast his new shoes are. He is running around with his Spiderman clothes, his Spidey underwear, Spidey socks and shoes and sunglasses, and carrying his Spidey backpack full of his Spidey pencils and notepads. He cracks me up. Chet did this same type of thing when he was younger, only his superhero was Batman.

I have to run some errands before I go and finish getting packed. See you on the road!

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Katrine said...

San Jose sounds like fun. Travel safely!