Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What a weekend!! I feel like I haven't stopped to catch a breath since Friday!

Saturday was spent finishing up stuffing bags for the dinner.

On Sunday, I was late to a Pukester friend's renewal of vows ceremony at the Elvis wedding chapel, but I did manage to make it in time to see Nic and Paul come out of the chapel!

I headed over to CHA (the big craft and hobby trade show which was held here in Vegas) afterwards to pick up some of the doorprizes for the dinner. There I ran into another Pukester pal, Sharon.

For the first time ever I got to walk the floor after the show opened on Monday instead of working a booth. That was fun! I found Katherine and Jolleen and Amanda for long enough to say hi. I actually didn't see very many products because I spent the majority if my time talking to people, but I did manage to fall in love with the new Chip Chatter letters and shapes from Pressed Petals (I LOVE the colors!)

as well as the new Pressed Petals rub-ons

and the Chatterbox transparency letters (and their new rub-ons)

I didn't get any pictures of them, but I also adore the new Big Board Chipboard pieces from Fancy Pants, and I have to give them a lot of credit because they have come a long way in a few months! Their booth and products were fantastic!

I also spent some time adoring the bead booths and finding jewelry pieces that inspire me.

After the show on Monday night I went to dinner with Leah and Tracey who are fellow City Planners on the Scrap Village design team.

After dinner with Leah and Tracey, I spent some time visiting with a couple more Pukester pals, Kim and Carol.
Then I came home and did some more work for the dinner.Much to my dismay, 13 more boxes had arrived that needed to be sorted and stuffed into goody bags.

Tuesday morning I got up and finished stuffing the bags again, got dressed, and then Kim and Carol and Chris all came over to help get the bags to the show. This was only about half of them, taken at the Hilton while we waited for the bellhops and their carts to get it all inside. Jack brought the car that was stuffed to the gills with doorprizes and met us there.

Then we went inside and put on a dinner party for the 350 people that showed up!
I "heart" Sarah
and I "heart" Chris. There were so many others there helping too, but I don't have any other photos! My friend Sarah Kelly came too, and it made me sad that I didn't get to spend much time with her at all while she was here in town. The good news is that she will be at some of the shows this year, so we will catch up again there.

I even managed to get a new headshot taken for my bio over at Scrap Village in the new City PLanner section that is going up.

I am tired, very very tired, but it was a productive weekend, the dinner was successful, and I got to see good friends. Today I am getting the house picked up again, and waiting for the service repair guy to come fix the washing machine, but mostly I am just relaxing and hanging out with the kids. I think I will catch up with some of my shows that are TIVOd. I had my class kit samples show up today, so tomorrow I will put those together to get ready for the upcoming shows. Katherine made some gorgeous pages for classes, so if you are coming to any of the conventions you will want to check out the Deluxe Designs classes!

Be back soon!


Marjorie said...

Wow Jenn I was tired just reading about it...what a BUSY weekend. Put your feet up and rest you deserve it!

Sarah said...

Your post only made me wish I was in Vegas more! The dinner, CHA, a bunch of friends all getting together.... sounds like you had a lot of fun and I am glad you survived it all!

Katherine said...

I'm glad you made it through Tuesday night!! I wish I could have been there to help out. I am still hanging onto your HOF layouts and will get those back to you. Love you a bunch!!

Robyn said...

Glad you had a good time - it was so fun to see you! Great photo too - gotta go check you out at their site! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

A busy weekend, you made me tired just reading it. You did a great job on all of the goodie bags. But it looks like you had a great time. WendiB

Veronica said...

Jennifer, you are just amazing! You really out-did yourself and made it look so easy with your calm demeanor! The event would not have been the same without your organization and level-headedness! Bravo!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hey are WONDER WOMAN!!! I have heard nothing but wonderful, positive comments about the dinner. You worked so hard and I know it is so appreciated! I hope I get to go someday! :)


Jennie said...

Sounds like you had a blast at CHA, I certainly did, and have only just got over the jet lag! I've never walked so far in such a big hall. I even got to visit some scrapbook shops whilst there too! Hope you get a good rest, sounds like you really deserve it.

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