Friday, March 27, 2009

Eye Candy

I was reading Pioneer Woman's blog today, and she showed this set of measuring cups on her cooking site. Oh my. I have a penchant for pretty bowls, and then they go and make pretty measuring cups. These are adorable, so I had to go to the site to see them in better detail.

Then I did something I shouldn't do. I browsed around the site a little bit. Look at these. I have never been in an Anthropologie store, and now I don't have any big stores nearby. That is probably a really good thing, because these would strain my will-power in a major way.

Jack got me a very pretty set of serving dishes for Christmas, and then we found an incredible deal on some pretty plates, salad plates, and bowls at a local bent and dent store. (We paid 50 cents a piece and got a set of 18 plates, 18 salad plates, and 18 bowls for $27) We don't have any glasses, though, because we have had multitudes of young children in our lives for so long. We are ready to move onto real glassware now that our kids are bigger, and these sing to me. I would never spend this much on glasses, but my how they call my name!
Alas, I must return to the land of reality now. Which is good, because just glimpsing into the apron and dishtowel sections of this store makes me starry-eyed.

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