Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Messy Buns in Green

The kids all wore something green today, but due to work, school, and Tuesday Night Dinner, we didn't get to take leprechaun pictures. I did get this one of Beth on the way out this morning, though.

She asked me yesterday to put "bunnies" in her hair. I thought she said "ponies" and gave her ponytails. "No, Mommy," she corrected, " I want bunnies!" I really wasn't sure what she meant, so I asked her to tell me what they looked like. "You know," she said, "They go around!"

So I made messy buns, and apparently it was exactly what she wanted. Her hair is so fine that her "bunnies" are hopping out of their hair ties within the hour (she didn't even make it out the door this morning before her left bunny started slipping loose). She loves them, though, and I wanted to share with you in case your 5 year old ever asks you to put furry rodents in her hair.

"I am going to be the cutest girl in class today," she said as she admired her bunnies in the mirror. That's my girl, the poster girl for humble attitudes!

Here are a couple of Irish-themed digital layouts I made this week. Now I am thinking of doing the unexpected and actually going to bed early and getting some much needed sleep. I will probably still be thinking about it when 1am rolls around and I decide to go to sleep so I can function tomorrow. Hope you all didn't get pinched today!


Anonymous said...

Yep...she sure is the cutest girl I know in her class! Give her hugs and kisses from Gramma Pam.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

now we know. thanks for sharing your wisdome. . .and she is adorable!

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