Saturday, March 07, 2009


If you are ever asked if you would like to attend Scout University with your son/daughter at University of Arkansas, run.... run very far, very quickly.

Because even if you have to run a mile in ten seconds after five sedentary years, it still won't leave you sore and aching the way the sadists running this event had our group climbing 10,000 stairs, 1,400 steep hilly grades, and five miles of non-stop hiking.

And it was all for the sake of a photo, which believe it or not, was not my idea at all. In fact, I thought the girls could go on the grassy green and jump around to get action shots, but noooooo. Someone apparently thought I needed to make up for missing Curves lately. I will post pictures and tell you about it tomorrow. For now, though, I felt it was imperative to warn you. Remember... Scout University=RUN!

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