Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My How theTimeline Flies

Kyle had a timeline assignment worth 100 points this week. He needed pictures, which is where the first emotional hiccup occurred. As we went through his baby pictures finding significant moments, I found myself reminiscing over all the moments with him I have adored. I have been digital since he was four, and most of the previous photos were already scrapped, but we did find some that would work.

Then Kyle went through my scrap stuff to find things he could use to highlight other moments in his life. The road map stickers spelled Arkansas, the hammer sticker worked for the year he built some shelves, and the number 8 was his jersey number on his All-star team. That was his idea. In the end, the 9 years of his life were represented on that poster.

So he glued it all down, and wrote out his labels, and all I could see was how much was missing. There is that brand new baby, but where did all the time go where he was giggling and cooing and crawling and snuggling? Was Jack's hair really that dark? How did nine years go by so quickly?

Kyle really enjoyed this assignment. He spent a lot of time putting it all together. He loved seeing his photos. He put it all together on his own, and he was really proud of his A. He liked seeing so many significant moments in his life.

Then he headed off to school with it, not knowing how much of my heart he carried on that posterboard. I had to post about it here because I want him to know that ALL the moments are significant. Every single one.

Dear Time,

Please slow down.


Sentimental Mom Whose Babies Are Growing Too Quickly

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