Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's in the Genes

I called Chet into the front room tonight to show him these two pictures. He looked at them and said, "I don't look much like myself in the one on the left." Maybe he meant he has since had a haircut, so he is looking different now. I asked him if he looked like himself in the one on the right. He said, "Yes, sorta... I don't like my hair like that, though."

Hmmmmm... very interesting! The boy on the left is Chet at 12 a couple of weeks ago. The boy on the right is my brother at the age of 12 a really loooonnnnngggg time ago.

So I called him back and asked him what he thought of these two pictures. He looked at them and said, "You can't fool me twice. I know that one on the right isn't me this time." Why, no, it isn't. So I asked Kyle what he thought. He said, "No,that isn't Uncle Jesse. Is it me?"

Well, the ears are sticking out of the wild curls exactly the same way. The bangs split into the same weird cowlicks across the same brow the exact same way. The pointy chin
smiles out of the exact same parenthesis around the exact same mouth the exact same way. And those eyes are a dead giveaway. This could be Kyle, right?

The boy on the left is Kyle at 9 last week. The boy on the right is Jack at 8 or 9 a really, really, looooonnnnnnnnnggggggg time ago.

That is all I have tonight, but I will be back eventually with another round of "who's been swimming in the family genepool" as soon as I gather up the pictures. I am dying to see what Beth thinks of "her" hair when "she" was five!

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Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

wow! that's amazing. Kyler looks just like my dad, believe it or not. . .We're still not sure who Kady looks like. . .

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