Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Newest Neighbor

This pretty little colt was born a couple of days ago, and yesterday I got to take some pictures of him. I adore the painted ponies. Their markings make them stand out, and no two are painted the same way.

Today I learned that horses are born with 90% of their leg length, which is a big part of why they are so gangly. They seem to be born with a full beard too. I never realized horses had whiskers!

This baby wasn't really sure how he felt about me being in his pasture with a big camera clicking at him. He kept hiding behind his momma, who mostly continued to just chew on her hay as I chased her newborn around her legs. Aren't there any children in this world who will merely be still a moment and let me take an easy picture??

As I was chasing the baby under his momma's watchful eyes, Todd was over petting the Baby Daddy. People literally come from all over to have this big guy date their mares. He is a gorgeous horse.

Sometimes I miss living in the city, generally when I want to eat at Cheesecake Factory or shop at Target. However,there is something about newborn colts that makes the trade-off of making my own lettuce wraps and shopping online so much easier to accept.

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