Thursday, March 26, 2009

Science Fair and Medical Notes

Last week was the middle school kids' science fair. Faith particularly wanted me to come see her experiment, so I came armed with my camera. The fair wasn't anything like I expected. The last time I went to science fairs, the kids all had a table to set up their projects and it was a family-type event held in the evening. Visitors wandered around the room to see the different projects, there were flowing volcanoes and homemade electric currents all over the place, and the room would buzz with activity while the judges did their thing.

It is completely different here. The kids come in with their classes during school hours and sit and read books while they wait for the judges to see each project and hear the individual presentations. There are no parents or families there to see what their kids have done. (I was the only one, but it was obvious that the teachers didn't mind me being there.) The presentations are made very quietly, and the room is kept very,very quiet. I can understand why the kids were kept quiet reading books since this wasn't the family type affair I have been to before, and I know a lot of parents wouldn't be able to attend during the day, so I am really not criticizing. It was just very different. I didn't hear my kids make their presentations, but I did get to take pictures of them with their boards.

Chet changed his mind about his project, and just a few days before it was due decided to build his experiment around a rubic's cube.

Here is Tyler with his board.

Faith's grade worked in teams instead of building individual experiments. Her team felt really good about their presentation, and were collectively excited about the judges' reactions. They have been home for spring break this week so they will find out if they won at the assembly on Tuesday.

Spring break has been a quiet affair, which is a relief. Matt has had a couple of baseball games, and there were some medical appointments for the kids. Yesterday Matt had to go back to the eyedoctor for a checkup. The glasses have improved his vision a bit, and he is now in contacts. They are pretty pricy, and insurance doesn't cover them, so it is something we will have to add to the budget every couple of months. However, he can now see 20/20 with the contacts, and that makes a world of difference for him.

Today I had to take Todd into the doctor for some testing. A sugar test was done to rule out diabetes, which was a monumental relief. He is on a course of antibiotics now, and that should knock out the problem.

I was hoping to take the kids out this weekend and do something fun with them. Tyler is here for the rest of the weekend, and we are all wanting out of the house. After a week or so of lovely weather, though, we are expecting snow this weekend. Maybe we will stay home and play games instead, but if the sun even hints at peeking out and warming up the Ozarks a little bit, we will be at the park. All of us are standing at spring's door in eager anticipation, chanting "open,open, open." Warmer weather can't get here fast enough this year!

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