Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I bought these from a lady who sells homemade tamales out of the back of her van in our grocery store's parking lot. They are divine; perfectly moist, perfectly flavored, and utterly addictive. Biting into them was a sweet (well, savory) reminiscence of the Southwestern food that I miss and crave badly. These are comfort food to me, and one of the foods I want to learn how to make. (Due to a lack of really good Chinese food here in my corner of the mid-south, I have already had to learn to cook my own favorite Chinese dishes.)

I have spoken to some people here who aren't sure about buying homemade food out of the back of somebody's van. I understand why it might bother them, but I have no such reservations. In California, we bought the world's best burritos out of vehicles dubbed "Roach Coaches." If you have ever eaten a Roach Coach burrito, you know the misgivings are replaced with an incredible desire for more. I haven't lived in CA for 14 years, and I still miss those coach burritos!

So if you are in the area, and longing for a bit of genuine southwestern culinary cuisine, just take an afternoon cruise on down to Harps' parking lot Thursday-Monday and say "hola" to the nice lady who whips these up. You won't be sorry. They are mmm, mmm, bien!

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