Friday, March 13, 2009

Learning Curves

My brother has spent his adult life repairing and maintaining helicopters, airplanes, and trains. His mechanical training runs deep.

Today he was giving pretty Sophia a bath. He looked at the bottle of baby soap and asked my mom, "Do I add it to the water or add it to her?" Only a mechanic would wonder if you would "add soap to the baby" the same way you would add fuel injector to gas.

Silly me, I always wondered why companies printed instructions on shampoo bottles. Now I know it is for mechanical daddies.


Damselfly said...

Ohmygoodness, what a sweet baby!

I once blogged about how my husband didn't realize that baby wipes and kitchen cleaner wipes are -- and had to be -- *two separate things.* :)

Angie Nicholas said...

Jenn, she is just precious. I showed the picture to my husband. He said (and I quote) "That is one flippin' adorable baby." LOL

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