Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I told you I came home sick last Wednesday. While I was busy bringing home cooties, Jack was busy bringing home a horse.

Later that evening, Matt saw the horse for the first time and said, "I am not a farmboy!" His trepidation disappeared instantly when I pointed out how much grass the horse had already eaten. I clarified that the horse could eat the grass, or Matt could mow it, and asked him what he felt was the better option. He wholeheartedly agreed that the horse was much better suited to the job.

And this new lawnmower powered by natural resources has done a great job already in clearing areas of the property. He is only two years old, so he isn't old enough to break and ride yet. However, the kids are enjoying getting to know him and learning how to take care of him, even if the only thing the horse is interested in is eating all that yummy nutritive grass.

We have learned, though, that if we really want his attention we just have to bring a bucket of grain. In fact, now if he sees us outside he will kick his empty green grain bucket to let us know he wants another helping. He doesn't like being rationed to one portion a day!

For Faith in particular, the arrival of the horse was a dream come true. We have been looking for a good name for him, and have been calling him McClacken in the meantime. It will probably end up sticking because strange animal names have a way of sticking around here. If you have any great ideas for naming a horse, I am all ears!

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