Friday, October 24, 2008

A bountiful harvest

of jalapenos. They are still growing by the pounds. Maybe I didn't need six jalapeno pepper plants. Today I picked about 50. There are still a few hundred little ones out there. I will get back to this red one later.There were some other veggies out there today as well. We found some cucumbers, red orange and green bell peppers, two of those squiggly peppers, and an assortment of Roma and cherry tomatoes. Orange and red bells cost a small fortune at the moment, so I was really happy to see those guys.

Faith, Kyle and Todd wanted to help prepping our harvest, so the four of us spent the afternoon slicing and dicing.

We made some pasta salad without the cherry syrup. Mmmmmmm.

And a mountain of salad. Those bells added such a yummy crunch and flavor. I love a loaded green salad!

I also sliced up a bunch of the extra peppers. I see fajitas and philly cheesesteak sandwiches on the menu in the near future. Just not for the same meal.

Kyle got bored and went outside to play, and the girls finished up their pepper poppers. Usually we put cream cheese in the peppers, but today we added cheddar cheese and some chopped up sundried tomatoes as well.They were incredibly yummy. I didn't think the red pepper would be hotter than the green ones, but I was really wrong. I am glad I ate that one instead of the kids. (That sounds weird, doesn't it... I wouldn't eat my kids.)

I still have about twenty jalapenos in my fridge. Anybody need some? Hurry before the frost kills all the rest of them!

I have design work to get done tonight, but I thought I would share a layout I made the other day while I was waiting for the girls to get out of their Girl Scout meeting. Now I better get into the creative mode and get some kits finished up.

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